Welcome Back and IT Updates

With less than a week before the start of the Fall 2017 semester, we are sure that you are busy preparing to begin the Fall semester. On behalf of the Information Technology team, I wanted to provide you with a number of key updates and reminders as you return to campus. The message below was sent to students, faculty and staff so that everyone is aware of the updates and reminders as you may have/serve multiple roles on campus – you may have received this message twice. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus!

Parking Permits

If you haven’t submitted an application and payment for a parking permit, and plan on having a car on campus, don’t delay! Permits from the 2016-2017 academic year expire on August 27th, 2017. Tickets will be issued on August 28th for expired permit holders We encourage you to apply for your parking permit online, as soon as possible, to designate your campus preference at Parking permits will be available for pick-up in the Support Center 24-business hours after completing the application and submitting a payment.

Windows 10

The computer labs, library and electronic classrooms on campus have been upgraded to Windows 10 and offer an expanded suite of applications. If you would like to brush up on your Windows 10 skills, I recommend you visit the Hoonuit service (formerly known as Atomic Learning) for these online tutorials, and thousands more at no charge:


Secure Desktop

Windows 10 machines in the library, computer labs and electronic classrooms have a desktop security program installed, called DeepFreeze. (This is not installed on faculty or staff office computers.) You will know that DeepFreeze is installed and active on your computer when a polar bear icon is located in your task tray. All work saved locally to the desktop or local computer will be lost on a reboot or logout. Please save work to an external device (USB drive), email it to yourself or save to OneDrive for Business. IT is also installing labels on the monitors of machines, reminding you of this security feature.

Using DeepFreeze ensures that you have a consistent experience on all library, lab and classroom computers. Students, faculty and staff are also power users on the machine so that you can install applications as needed. If you do not save work and the machine restarts the work will be wiped and IT will be unable to retrieve your work.


IT has completed the upgrade our printing environment from Pharos to PaperCut. We are evaluating new printer locations and upgrading the existing printers. The move to PaperCut supports environmentally conscious printing, encourages fiscal responsibility and allows us to be technologically progressive. Your Star Card serves as your printing card and will be required to access your printed documents. After printing from a computer, mobile device or by sending an email, you will swipe your Card at any printer/copier on campus you select, to authorize and release your print job. This secure release method protects sensitive documents.

On August 24th, students will receive $3 in Green Bucks print funds per credit hour enrolled. This provides 129 single-sided pages of Technology Fee-supported printing per 3 credit hour course. While personal credits roll over each semester, Technology Printing Funds will not carry over from Fall to the Spring semester. We have asked faculty to consider printing volumes in courses and electronic distribution through Canvas for course materials. Faculty and staff will, as with the former system, charge costs to a department or office. 

We encourage you to visit  to learn more about printing on campus and new features that are available. If you installed Pharos on your personal PC, please visit  to remove it. On a Mac? Visit  to remove it.

MyDU and Feedback

IT and departments on campus are working together to reimagine the MyDU experience, focused on student success and engaging with Dominican. Next week, MyDU will feature a survey and “behind the scenes” feedback opportunity. Your feedback will influence the strategy and inform the task force of next steps.

Wireless Device Registration

Dominican uses a network authentication and validation security system called SafeConnect.  This system protects your computer by preventing infected computers from accessing our network and your computer.  All access via our public places, whether wireless or a data jack will require the authentication.  The client is a software download for your machine and checks your machine to identify:

·        Antivirus software is installed, valid and up to date

·        Automatic updates are enabled

·        Your OS up to date, including service packs and critical updates.

Please visit for additional information about wireless tips and best practices.

Wired Access and Residence Hall Rooms

Starting Fall 2017, wired connections in the residence halls are not connected, but may turned on by request through the Support Center. As more wireless devices are brought in to the residence halls, we have identified decreased use of wired connections. IT staff will be available in the Coughlin Commons to provide assistance during move-in weekend.

OneDrive for Business

Last, but certainly not least, beginning in September, Information Technology will begin the retirement process for student N: drives and moving to OneDrive for Business. (New student accounts created after August 7, 2017 did not receive N: drives.) OneDrive for Business provides one terabyte (1TB) of personal cloud based storage space – a significantly larger amount of storage than available today. This only impacts the student N: drives; no other mapped drives are scheduled for retirement. Follow-up communications will be provided to students for next steps. 


As always, if you have any questions, please contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888 or by email to