MyDU and Jenzabar Service Update (Completed)

On Friday, October 20, 2017 at 7:00am, MyDU and other Jenzebar services went offline to begin the migration process. Progress is going well and testing will follow once the migration is complete. Check back in a few hours for another update. As a reminder, services will be offline until Monday, October 23, 2017 at 7:00am.  

Key points to note:

1. Moving to hosted services is a strategic move to provide increased disaster recovery protection, scaled capacity to better handle high-demand times such as registration, and system redundancy to avoid outages due to hardware failure.

2. MyDU will be upgraded to provide responsive, mobile-friendly content on phones and tablet-based devices; and

3. Establishes a foundation to begin developing tools for the University community that facilitate the student, faculty and staff web experience in coordination with teams and groups on campus.

If you have further questions regarding this information, please contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888, follow us @DUITSupport or by email to supportcenter@dom.edu.


From Information Technology at 3:00pm on October 21, 2017

Information Technology has completed the transition of Jenzabar and MyDU to the new hosted environment. We worked diligently, and with precision, to return Jenzabar in as timely a manner as possible – just under two days ahead of schedule.


To reach myDU on a mobile device or computer, visit https://mydu.dom.edu and you will be directed to the upgraded website. For Jenzabar EX users, additional information will be provided in a separate notification. 


On behalf of IT, we appreciate your patience and flexibility during this upgrade and migration. This marks an important milestone in our process to provide redundancy, increased responsiveness during critical/heavy system use times and an agile framework to respond to institutional needs effectively. 


If you have further questions regarding this update or need further assistance, please contact the Support Center at (708) 524-6888 or by email to supportcenter.dom.edu