Canvas Updates and Yes, Canvas Workshops Continue

Canvas performed one of their regular (once every three weeks) updates over the weekend.  The brief, “summer reading version” of the major updates is provided below.  A more detailed overview, as always, is covered in our newsletter, available here:   http://dushare.dom.edu/bctle/SitePages/Home.aspx?ss=26

For those of you still wanting to LEARN Canvas—especially our new faculty—introductory, face-to-face, on-campus Canvas workshops are being offered throughout the summer—or at least the little that’s left of it.  We also have a totally online equivalent to the workshop, complete with videos. Sign up for either at: http://goo.gl/forms/aJuje9mSDD

No NEW features this weekend, but several important updates and a bug fix or two.

Further Refinement of Anonymous Peer Reviews

This updated feature is a further refinement to the anonymous peer review feature in Canvas, though it’s STILL not quite 100% perfect.  Fully, 100% anonymous peer reviews have been a work in progress, and the first step was first covered in our April 27 newsletter, which I’m certain you all remember reading during that calm week before finals when you had no other reading to do.  To refresh your memory, the April update was that the student whose work was being reviewed could not see the names of his/her peer reviewers.  This weekend’s update has now made it so that students doing the peer reviewing will not see the name of the student they are reviewing, which they could up until now.  So, what could possibly still be missing?  Well, it seems that in notifications generated by Canvas, the student names are STILL not hidden, so the students who bother reading their notifications will see the names!  Ugh.  Let’s hope this is resolved by fall, but no promises. 

New “Submit Assignment” Button

In this update’s version of “let’s keep those people who write documentation or do videos employed,” the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button for students has moved over from the sidebar on the far right to a much more visible location closer to the assignment itself, AND is now a blue-colored button that is a bit more obvious for students than it was previously.  To see this for yourselves, check out the Student View in a course where you currently have some online assignments and check it out. 

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

There were a few other updates dealing with Assignments, Speedgrader, and the display of incomplete scores in quizzes that you should read up on in the full newsletter.  One very nice bug fix is that any course-wide letter grade scale that you set within the course SETTINGS screen will now carry over to those assignments where you specify “Display Grade as Letter Grade.”  Previously, one had to create a separate scale for each individual assignment, since Canvas stupidly did not recognize your letter grade settings anywhere other than in the TOTAL column in your gradebook.   Thank goodness that’s been fixed.  It’s important to note that Canvas will continue to display points to students in addition to the letter grade, as it always has.  (In other words, it will not display ONLY a letter grade; it still shows points, as well.)