How do I print from a Dominican-owned device?

  1. Log in to a University computer. Be sure to use your own Dominican Network ID and password.
  2. Access and open your document from the cloud, from your USB drive, or wherever you stored it.
  3. Print your document. In most programs, you can do this by going to File -> Print or by pressing the appropriate shortcut keys.
  4. Select which pages you want to print, then choose Printing at DU from the drop-down list. This allows you can release your print job from any release station.
  5. Select if you want to charge your personal account (students) or a department/office (faculty/staff). The cost of the print job will be provided in color costs, but if released from a black & white printer, an adjustment will be made automatically to your account based on the printer.

    If you do not see a department/office to charge and you are a faculty/staff member, please contact the Support Center to add a charging account to your Dominican Network Account. All accounts were transferred from our former system, but updates can be made.
  6. Proceed to a Print Release Station / Printer. (After 24 hours have elapsed your print job will be erased from the system.)
  7. Log into the Print Release Station on or near the printer by swiping your Star Card or using your Dominican Network ID and password.
  8. Release your print job by clicking “Print” at right.