How Do I Participate in a Lifesize Conference?

 You may participate in a Lifesize conference using either your computer or a phone (voice-only). Below are instructions for both options.

Connecting Using a Web Browser  

(We recommend using either Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  1. Point your browser to the URL provided in your meeting invitation: e.g.*
    (*See bottom of this tutorial for the list of public system addresses. Some meeting addresses are private and can
    only be found in the meeting invitation itself.)

  2. When the page below appears, click "Call" to initiate the video conference.

When prompted, supply your name. You should also select the "camera preview" option to make
certain that your computer's camera is working correctly.


  1. Click "Go". You will be connected once the moderator in the room has accepted your call.

(Note to Internet Explorer 11 Users: After entering your name, you may be prompted to install the Lifesize plugin.  
  • Install as directed on-cscreen, making sure to have your webcam plugged in.
  • When installation is complete, you will see a preview window.
  • Click the "Join" button in the lower-right corner of the window to proceed to the session.
  1. To test your setup:
  2. Lifesize provides four test-sites that you can connect with:
  3. [Demo - Video w/ Audio 1]
  4. [Demo - Video w/ Audio 2]
  5. [Demo - Video w/ Audio 3]
  6. [Demo - Video w/ Audio 4]

Using the Lifesize Desktop App

If you do not wish to use Chrome or Internet Explorer, you may use the Lifesize app.
  1. Download the Lifesize app by pointing your browser to and clicking "Download".
  1. After downloading and installing the app, you can again point your browser to and select the option to connect using the app.
  2. The app will be launched and the conference address included. If the conference address is not automatically included, the address can be entered manually as

Connecting by Phone

Your meeting invition should include a phone number and extension that will allow you to particiate in a voice-only session.

  • When calling in, you'll be prompted to enter the extension number followed by #. 
  • If your meeting invitation included a passcode, you'll be prompted to enter that as well.




DU Conference System Addresses



Using a Web Browser

Using the Lifesize App

Telephone (toll free)

LE047 Conference Room

844-572-5683 extension 2416006

Mulroy Conference Room

844-572-5683 extension 2357194

CML Conference Room

844-572-5683 extension 2416174

Priory Conference Room

844-572-5683 extension 2383330

Lewis Lounge

844-572-5683 extension 2368090